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Amongst the bright green fields and muddy roads of Kallimandayam, a young man walking had a dream, a dream to influence lives and the place around him positively. In 1996 when he was elected a member of the legislative assembly from Oddanchatram, he used it as a means to fulfill his dreams of improving life and bringing joy to people around him. 

Born as R Sakkarapani in a small hamlet in Kallimandhayam on April 10, 1961, the sitting legislative member of Oddanchatram completed his education in Kallimandhayam. During his childhood, he was a very active student and took a keen interest in sports.

There were days when he was touring different villages to play Kabbadi and earned the love and adulation of the people who came to see the charm and energy of a cheerful youngster. Sakkarapani and his adoring smile were forever endeared in the minds and hearts of the villagers of Oddanchatram since then. When he stood for elections in 1996 and every 5 years after then, it was this loving and caring son of Oddanchatram whom people voted unequivocally as their representative. 


In his first tenure as a Member of the legislature from Oddanchatram in 1996, Sakkarapani devoted his time and energy to solving the drinking water problems of his people. He built numerous overhead water tanks and worked tirelessly to bring projects which would help solve the water crisis. His sheer restlessness in solving the problems of his people bore fruit when DMK came to power in 2006 again and a beloved leader and CM of Tamil Nadu then M Karunanidhi and our dearest brother Thalapathy Stalin implemented the Cauvery Kootu Kudineer Thittam. The water scarcity of Oddanchatram and the areas around it have reduced greatly after this. It was the sheer belief of Sakkarapani and the vision of DMK rule which made it possible.


Another issue close to his heart is the school education of children to which he paid a lot of attention. Under his watch, many schools were upgraded to Higher Secondary and better infrastructure was installed. He has also contributed to the education of many children who have gone on to become doctors and government servants. 


He is constantly striving to help the people of his constituency and beyond in his fullest capacity with compassion and integrity. Though he has been the legislative member of Oddanchatram since 1996 and has been getting re-elected with a considerable margin, he has not stopped running to the calls of his people. This journey of a dreamer has not stopped yet and there are still miles to go. 

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